Why Subsonic Ammunition?

Shooting subsonic ammunition is significantly quieter than shooting supersonic ammunition. Simple fluid dynamics tells us that if a projectile travels at a velocity below the speed of sound, the sonic crack normally heard with supersonic projectiles will not be present. When used in combination with a sound suppressor, subsonic ammunition significantly reduces a firearm's sound signature to hearing-safe levels.  |  Learn More >>


"I Finally Found a 300 AAC Blackout Subsonic Factory Load That Shoots 5 Round 1" Groups Even With My Old 9" 300 AAC Blackout Upper Receiver. With Several Other Manufacturers Subsonic Ammo I Would Get Huge groups. The Best I Was Getting Was ~ 2.5" Groups From This 9" AAC Upper Receiver..."  – Jason

"This ammo performed flawlessly in mine and the hubby's 300 blackout. Thanks Discreet Ballistics for a great product!"  – Robin

"Don't have the time to reload for my blackout so I gave Discreet a try. Ruger is now shooting inch groups if I do my part. All you hear is the primer and the steel plate!"  – J. Harris