Live Free or Die



Discreet Ballistics will continually develop its ammunition to become the leading provider of subsonic ammunition to civilian, law enforcement and military customers.



Ammunition has changed significantly over the past centuries—the sound barrier has not. The main factor that sets Discreet Ballistics apart is we manufacture two types of subsonic loads — practice or hunting/self-defense for every available caliber or gauge. Both of these options are developed jointly to produce limited point of impact shift out of a single firearm. We do this so our customers can practice with a less expensive round and when the time comes to hunt or defend, their weapon will be on target using our hunting/self defense loads.



Discreet Ballistics ammunition is developed in a state-of-the-art facility using the newest products from Dillon Precision®, Mark 7 Reloading®, and other top brands from the ammunition manufacturing industry. We maintain strict quality standards and every batch of ammunition is inspected and tested.   

The projectiles used in Discreet Ballistics’ ammunition are a combination of off-the-shelf and custom machined projectiles. Discreet Ballistics has partnered with one of the world’s leading bullet designers who utilizes advanced bullet simulation software, and continuously prototypes on Swiss lathes to develop its projectiles. Our machined projectiles are designed with the intent to optimize every grain of external and terminal ballistics performance.



The Discreet Ballistics team is made up of experienced reloaders, engineers, and manufacturing professionals. Our commitment to excellence sets Discreet Ballistics apart from its competition, who all too often value quantity over quality.  Our team has over 40 years of combined loading experience—loading everything from 6mm PPC to Subsonic 458 SOCOM and everything in between. We are also passionate shooters and hunters and our commitment to the 2nd Amendment is unwavering.



At Discreet Ballistics we believe in the ethical dispatching of game. With proper shot placement and the appropriate subsonic caliber selection, Discreet Ballistics’ ammunition is appropriate for mid-sized game, varmints and predators.