Hotline Monolithics was born from the desire to offer the most effective machined solid copper bullets available today. – Hotline monolithic bullets are velocity insensitive and offer consistent expansion i.e. achieve terminal effect, reliable expansion and a full mushroom at velocities from as high as 3400 fps to as low as 1600 fps. Hotline Monolithics’ designs and performance improvements represent a quantum leap advance over traditional bullets. Welcome to the future!

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VRG3 Bullets

The VRG3 bullet is a flat meplat bullet with a boat tail design that contains a copper expander which causes the bullet to mushroom on impact without fragmenting. Ideal for hunting in denser vegetation areas at shorter distances.


VLR4 Bullets

The VLR4 bullet is a Spitzer Bullet with a boattail design that contains a copper plunger which will cause the bullet to expand on impact. The VLR4 is arguably the most effective medium-to-long range hunting bullet available.


VLR5 Bullets

The Match Bullet is a solid copper Spitzer bullet that will not fragment or mushroom on impact. It has the same ballistic coefficient as the PlainsMaster (VRG4) Reloading Bullet.


Glider Rangemaster Bullets

The Glider Rangemaster underwent 2 years of stringent testing to create the ultimate extreme long-range bullet for marksmen.


Selous Pistol Bullets

The Selous Pistol Bullet sets the industry standard for everyday carry ammunition, showcasing an effective velocity range of 700fps to 1400fps.


Hogmaster Bullets

The Hogmaster bullet is an accurate and high-performance bullet specifically designed for hunting with Magnum Handguns and Lever Action Rifles