PopStop™ is a proprietary device that eliminates what is commonly known as first round pop (FRP) in suppressors. First round pop occurs when oxygen contained in a “cold” suppressor is ignited by hot propellant gasses. With certain suppressors, first round pop can account for more than twice the impulse noise as the subsequent shot through the same suppressor. PopStop™ interfaces between barrel and suppressor and utilizes a valve that allows for an injection of inert carbon dioxide into the suppressor via commonly available carbon dioxide cartridges and handheld tire inflators. The result is a suppressor purged of flammable gas (oxygen) and replaced with an inert gas (carbon dioxide). We’ve tested the effects of PopStop™ lasting up to five minutes with a one second injection. The effects can last even longer if a sticker is used to seal the end of the suppressor post-injection.

Using a calibrated Larson Davis LxT-1 sound impulse meter our testing yielded a reduction of up to 9 dB by utilizing PopStop™. Additionally, PopStop™ eliminates suppressor flash associated with FRP and can act to cool down the suppressor which helps reduce the POI shift commonly observed with certain suppressors.

PopStop™ will be available in 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 thread pitches and will be offered in grade 5 titanium

Prototype PopStop™ shown with COTS carbon dioxide inflator

Stainless steel prototype pictured. The production version is thoughtfully designed in Solidworks® by a seasoned design engineer.

dB readings attained with a Larson Davis LxT-1 sound impulse meter using a bolt action 308WIN with subsonic rounds and YHM Phantom LT suppressor.

Prototype PopStop™ attached to an AR-10 during supersonic endurance testing.