308 Winchester 188gr Subsonic Hunting/Self Defense Load – 20 round sleeve


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    The Two Load System

    The Discreet Ballistics’ two load system was conceived so that the shooter of subsonic ammunition can practice with a less costly Target load, and hunt or defend with a premium Hunting/Self-defense load. Methodical load development by Discreet Ballistics has created a system which will minimize point of impact shift allowing the shooter greater confidence when it’s time to hunt or defend.

    Discreet Ballistics’ 308 Win 188gr “Selous” Subsonic Hunting/Self Defense Load – 20 round sleeve


    The Discreet Ballistics 308 Win 188gr “Selous” Subsonic Hunting/Self Defense load was conceived as part of a two load system. This load has been thoroughly tested to function with bolt action rifles with a 1:10 or faster barrel twist. This round will also function with semi auto platforms, but will likely require manual cycling of actions. This load incorporates a machined copper 30 Caliber projectile (the Selous bullet) which expands at subsonic velocities above 750FPS. The Selous projectile uses state-of-the-art ballistics modeling software with the goal of maximizing stability at subsonic velocities.

    Coming Summer 2017

    Brass: New Lapua 308 Winchester

    Bullet: “Selous” 188 Grain expanding machined copper projectile

    Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: .404G1

    Average Muzzle Velocity with 18″ 1:10 twist test barrel: 1050 FPS

    Additional information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 7 x 4 x 4 in