308 Winchester 190gr Subsonic Load Target


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    *NOW AVAILABLE in more affordable new Federal 308Win brass*

    The Discreet Ballistics 308 Win 190gr Subsonic Target Load was conceived and designed as part of a two load system. This load has been thoroughly tested to function with bolt action rifles.  It will also function with semi auto platforms, but will likely require manual cycling of actions. This load incorporates the Nosler® 190 gr BTHP projectile that has proven to be quite accurate. With this load, our factory test rifles consistently produced groups that were sub-MOA.


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    308 Winchester 190gr Subsonic Target Load
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     3 reviews
     by Robert Marsh
    190gr BTHP
    Location: central PA

    The Federal cased 308 190gr BTHP target load was very quiet through my Texas Silencer Company Hunter and Outrider suppressors. 5 shots groups were MOA at 100 yards and even tighter at 65 yards with two clover leaf holes and two sets of one hole shots. Pretty tight for subsonic 308.

     by Bill
    great ammo for RPR
    Location: Knoxville, TN

    Got the federal brass subs from Discreet a couple weeks ago and finally had the chance to shoot it with my RPR in 308. Right around MOA at 100 and it was dead quiet with my Silencerco Omega. Four stars because it's expensive.

     by Chuck H.
    Location: Tuscon

    very accurate our of my suppressed Rem 700

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    Weight 1.5 lbs
    Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in

    20 Round Sleeve, 200 Round Case

    Brass Type